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Charles Kravitz, DDS



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"Dr. Charles Kravitz has been an incredible resource in developing our sleep practice. For about a year we have been working with him implementing a Dental Sleep Program. He takes the time to train every person in our office and establish a program specific to our practice.
We had the training years ago but Dr Kravitz has taken us, within a few months, from basic knowledge without results to seeing four patients a month. He has provided us with a complete program from scripts, Tx Plan acceptance, team coaching, training with written material, medical code billing and marketing.
We now touch base weekly and the program gets tweeked according to our office needs. He keeps in touch offering tips, suggestions and new ideas to improve our results.
I highly recommend his services."
Dr Ivan Terrero - Bonita Springs

"Dr. Charles Kravitz has been our dental practice coach since the early Spring. Our entire team feels very fortunate to have Dr. Kravitz on board. He truly took the time to understand the dynamics of our office and the individuals on our team. He never offered a cookie cutter approach like other professionals in his line of business. He also has a keen sense of humor and a positive approach. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Kravitz if you want to expand your horizons, practice more comprehensive dentistry, help more people, and of course, make more money."
Ben Goldberg, DMD
- Coral Springs, Florida

“You take on my DSM challenges as if they were your own in your own practice and are always available. I would recommend your services to any dental practice.”
Thomas A. Saitta, DDS - Boynton Beach, FL
“We learned what to say for every situation and when to say it.”
George Najor, DDS – Detroit, MI

“We recognize that everything you have done for us has been original customized material and we feel unique and proud to have these techniques.
Len Jacobs, DDS - Boca Raton, FL

“Using the right verbal skills made the difference in my case acceptance. We use all that you taught us.”
Mark Blum, DDS - Sunrise, FL

“Your systems, ideas and scripts are for long range planners and thinkers. You truly understand the science of sleep.””
Les Greenberg, DDS – Cleveland, OH

“You assured me that I would see a fast increase in my monthly production and collections and almost immediately that happened.”
Olga Bird, DDS – Sunrise, FL

“Your help and guidance has made my OSA screening meet with a great deal of success.”
Stephen Sherman, DDS – Deerfield Beach, FL

“You lived up to your slogan, “More than expected.”
Joe Maloney, DMD – N. Palm Beach, FL

“I can’t imagine what it would be like to start my first practice without Dr. Kravitz’s total involvement”
Natoya Mclean, DDS - Pembroke Pines, FL

“Dr. Kravitz knows how to build and train a great dental team. Highly recommended.”
Denise Gomara, DMD – Atlantis, FL

“I really appreciate all your efforts to make my four dental offices better, and they are. I think I should be paying more to you, because you do so much for us.”
Reno Ianinni, Dental Assets - Costa Mesa, CA

“Wouldn't it be wonderful if your favorite uncle were a brilliant dental practice management "guru", who could put you on the right track and virtually guarantee your success?

Further, what if this uncle loved dentistry and virtually had committed his life to helping dentists, particularly young dentists who need expert advice.
Dr. Charlie Kravitz is like an adopted uncle to me, and has helped grow my business exceptionally. He can do the same for you.”
Kenny Jones, Owner, Doctor's Choice Companies , FL

“Charles Kravitz’ company, Advance! HealthCare Consulting, is the key to a successful dental practice. Dr. Kravitz is not only a dentist, but he is also a businessman. He understands the many frustrations that dentists face today in practice and has the solutions to their problems. Dr. Kravitz addresses all aspects of the dental office, from productivity, to accounts receivable, insurance credentialing and billing, and the efficiency of an office. He also works with a network of skilled and talented teams to further assist your needs. I would recommend his company to any dentist I know with no reservation.”
Heather Bullock , Owner, Confident Claims

“Charlie is one of the most knowledge dental consultants that I know. His many years of experience as both a clinician and consultant have given him a wide perspective on effectively advising clients with different needs. If you want results, I would highly recommend Charlie!

Tony Cruz DMD

“Through the friendship, knowledge, and mentoring of Charles Kravitz not only has my Dental office been transformed, but so has my personal life.
Charles has the means to do the same for anyone's professional and personal life.
Don't ever underestimate Charles Kravitz and Advance! Healthcare Consulting”
Beth Saitta, Crown Dental of the Palm Beaches

“One of the smartest people I know - creative, thinks on his feet, a brilliant businessman, and an honest up front personality. All of these things make for someone you will not only enjoy doing business with, but someone who will impact your life positively for the future on many levels.”
Kim Rock , Residential Investment Strategist, Keller Williams Real Estate

“I believe that Advance! has a constantly evolving base of great practice management ideas and implementation skills which is of immense value to any dental practice.”
Maria Delores Hayeck, DDS – Coral Gables, FL

“If you want the GURU of Dental Practice Management, call Dr. Kravitz”
Kenny Jones, Doctor’s Choice Companies - Jupiter, FL

“Charles helped me come on board when we opened our first dental office. He was always there when I needed him. He is a valuable resource and a great sounding board in all issues relating to dental office management. I highly recommend him!”
Tri Leminh . Owner, West Palm Beach, FL

“To describe the attributes of Dr Charlie Kravitz is a difficult task because Charlie is a great marketing expert, a hands on consultant, a numbers crusher, has an eye that discovers talent and recognizes weakness and problems. To hire him is a stroke of luck to any person or company that receives him. In a word, the man is a hidden treasure.
Mark Boukzam DMD Office phone # 954-429-8506

A certain guarantee for success. Always "more than expected".
Greg Jones , Marketing Manager

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