Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS

Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS

Q & A

What Benefits can I expect from joining Advance! Dental Consulting?
Very concisely:

1. I will help you establish your real goals- financial and Team.
2. We will take the action steps to accomplish all those goals.
3. This is Customized Coaching- not a typical "boiler plate" "follow and fix".
4. Close personal attention to all the Dentist's concerns.
5. We provide a "follow-thru", so all achievements are maintained and enhanced.
6. We together will build a fun, smooth functioning Team that you and your patients will love to come to.
7. Dental Sleep Medicine- I will help you quickly build a strong successful Dental Sleep Medicine service.

Is there a fixed contract period for Advance! Dental Consulting?
No. There is, for mutual understanding, a one page written agreement. It states that you can cancel at any time, after the first month, with a 30 day notice, for any reason with no hassles and no questions asked. We will remain friends.

Did you have many Dentists cancel their agreements?

Since I began my coaching career in 1993, no Dentists have ended their relationship within the first year. I am still working with three who have been with me for over 5 years.  Please look at my " Testimonials " page

How long will it take for me to see an increase in production?
My historical results show a 40% average increase in monthly production. One Dental practice had $35k monthly average collections when we began working together. In our sixth (6) month he was up to $96,000. Imagine that if training in Successful Tx Plan Presentation technique could add only one new crown or veneer a week to your production, you would have a production increase of $50,000 per year.

Marketing . I need more new patients. How can you help me?
In this "new economy" people with even good incomes and comfortable resources, have become shy about spending money at the dentist. We can look at that as a POSITIVE. It gives the creative dentists OPPORTUNITY.   I use "out-of-the-box" ideas that will make your public feel that your Dental Practice is their only choice. (No additional costs.)

I want to be more involved with the "social media" but I don't have the time or interest for it.
I can establish a LinkedIn Group page and a Facebook Business page for you and keep them active with a minimum of three posts each week. These, along with Twitter and monthly Newsletters , will create a viral marketing program which will keep your current patients loyal and in your "continuing care", as well as bring in their internet connections as new patients. (No additional costs.)

My web site is out-dated. Can you help me with it?
Yes. It's so important today for a Dentist to have an interesting and continually refreshing site. That is where you tell your story, engage new friends, build relationships, and GROW your practice. I can "restore" your old web site, or create a new one for you. It will be exciting, enthusiastic, and effective. (No additional costs.) [ I am continually reconstructing this site you are looking at .]