Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS

Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS

Consulting Services

I have been doing private consulting, and presenting seminars in Florida since 1993. A long list of Dentists would be happy to discuss their successes with you. Their testimonials and phone numbers are yours for the asking. Please visit my "Testimonials" page. I would like to add you to it.


DENTAL SLEEP MEDICINE - training dentists and their teams in the screening and treatment of Sleep Apnea patients.

You have heard the exciting success stories of some of your colleagues. You want to be a "Sleep Dentist".

I will help you overcome the "confidence barrier" and guide you through the steps to success.

Team Training and Team Building- motivation, accountability and teamwork

Effective Case Presentation Techniques to get patients to be eager to accept and begin treatment

Elegant Verbal Skills for the Telephone, Operatory, and Consult Room

Marketing for New Patients There is an unlimited supply of people needing your services. Especially for Sleep Apnea. One third of the population have a sleep breathing disorder.

Branding and Identity , to let the vast public know that YOU are the doctor they need to call.

I am the Editor of The Sleep Magazine and Newsletters for dental professionals

Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, and e-mail blasts. Examples-