Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS

Advance! Dental Consulting

Charles Kravitz, DDS


Learn at home to treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea during the social isolation and travel ban.  Here is your solution to counter decreased income and cancelations of appointments. We can train you by telephone, email and webinars. By the time the Coronavirus is over you will be set to welcome the large number of DSM candidates who are searching for your help. Contact me for more information:

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Rewarding. Satisfying. Prestigious.

I will help you build a successful Dental Sleep Medicine practice where you will confidentally screen and treat the millions of Obstructive Sleep Apnea sufferers. One of every three people who walk through your doors has symptoms of sleep breathing dysfunction. Can you help them?

The rewards are fantastic- you will enjoy a fun, profitable, stress-free service where your patients will express their gratitude. And many new patients will seek your services.

Thanks for visiting my site. Just like you, I enjoy meeting new enthusiastic people and making new friends.

Advance! Dental Consulting has coached hundreds of potentially great Dentists and their teams to become OUTSTANDING, through customized Dental Sleep Medicine training, seminars, private practice consulting, and marketing. BECOME THE "HEALTHY SLEEP DENTIST"

We will keep your web site fresh and interesting and promote your practice in the social media.

We get more satisfaction from guiding another Dentist to success than from any other reward. Do you want to see the validation of that? Then look at our Testimonials Page and then ask us to prove it to YOU.

Contact me with your most serious practice challenge and your goals.

I'll call you back to set up a 45 minute no-obligation complimentary phone consultation, with solutions for you.

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Coaching - Complete understanding of the clients' goals, then assisting them to surpass those goals.

Advance! Performance Coaching - Guiding the Team to their ultimate degree of Excellence.